TorqTrack Applications


  • Virtual Studios

  • Augmented Reality

  • Virtual Graphics


TorqTrack can be used anywhere where the complete camera tracking data is required for best matching results. For example, TorqTrack can be used to control virtual graphics such as those used in Virtual Studios, Augmented Reality or to control any other Virtual Objects used in video and film productions.

Virtual Studios or Augmented Reality
With TorqTrack, you can meet the high requirements of your customers for precise camera tracking and different support systems and lenses. With TorqTrack, you will be able to run a Virtual Studio economically and the full satisfaction of your clients.

Virtual Graphics
For sports coverage, TorqTrack gives your customers the flexibility to exchange lenses or support systems, even for rental equipment. TorqTrack provides precise matching results for tight-to-the-field graphics and other Virtual Effects.

Do you need a preview of the CG while shooting on film, or do you want to record the movements of the camera for the postproduction? With TorqTrack, you can use your rig to achieve a precise real-time camera tracking.