• highest matching precision for any sensorized support system

  • unique tools for calibration of zoom lens, camera, support system and 3D pose in any environment

  • works with virtual graphics software of any vendor

Key features

For productions in a Virtual Studio, Augmented Reality or for any Virtual Graphics application, the shooting camera and it’s movements must be exactly described in order to render the Virtual Graphics from the same perspective and to match real and virtual worlds. Here different camera support systems are available which simply measure the movement of the single support axis only.

The unique TorqTrack camera tracking software is now closing the quality gap between sensorized camera support systems and any Virtual Graphics software.

On the basis of TrackMen’s unique calibration data for any lens, the camera support system and the studio environment, it receives the sensor data from the single axis of the support system in real-time and calculates the exact model of the virtual camera. Then TorqTrack sends the exact camera parameters to the Virtual Graphics renderer via Ethernet.

Immersion of real objects in virtual worlds
Trough it’s high matching precision TorqTrack supports the illusion that real objects like persons, desks or other decorating parts are part of the virtual world. Sliding and shifting of real objects against virtual objects can be reduced to a minimum. The perfect match especially for HDTV and film shoots.

Delivers complete camera tracking data – no huzzle with calibrations
TorqTrack generates all relevant parameters of the virtual camera model. Independent of your employed support system you can be sure to have the full set of data for any movement of your camera; even the so important lens data.
You even safe the trouble of collecting the data from the single components or doing the calibration of the studio, support system or lens on your own.

Closes the gap between vendors of support systems and Virtual Graphics
Would you use your mobile to watch TV? If quality matters, neither let the vendor of your Graphics nor of your camera support system take care for the camera tracking. Make use of the experience of specialist for real-time camera tracking and calibration. With TorqTrack you can concentrate on your original work.

Unique software tools for precise calibrations
We designed a very unique 3D image processing method for an individual calibration of your applied zoom lens to achieve superior matching results.

In addition, our RayLocator software determines the position and orientation of any support system within a studio coordinate system, inside the studio or an in outdoor environment. With RayLocator the matching of multiple cameras gets a piece of cake. But most important, you can easily reposition your support system off-air. Means you can find a new position for the support system, remeasure the new position within the virtual world with RayLocator and go on air again in a minute. Therefore you can also use your studio with and without the virtual technique, depending on your program.

Simple integration
Thanks to it’s open and flexible architecture, TorqTrack works for any support system, any lens, any camera and any graphics vendor. As many camera units as you want can be connected to an unlimited number of graphics system, even across long distances, via a regular hub/switch. TorqTrack changes your set-up to a reliable and easy solution for daily productions.