TorqTrack Sensor Box


The unique TorqTrack Sensor Box handles the physical sensor in- and outputs.

TTL input


up to eight TTL inputs from encoders which represent individual axis of a support system

serial input


serial RS 232 or RS 422 data from lens (Canon or Fujinon serial interface)



analog (Blackburst, Genlock) or digital (Tri-Level) reference signal


Depending on the individual support system other hardware configurations might apply. E.g. if the support system already sends the data in a serial format, the TorqTrack Sensor Box is not needed!

The TorqTrack Sensor Box communicates via USB to a TouchPC. The TorqTrack camera tracking software runs on this PC and can be controlled via the graphical user interface.





TorqTrack Touch PC


receives the complete data from the TorqTrack Sensor Box