Virtual Studio of RTL Cologne


  • processes raw sensor data from support system

  • individual calibration for each component

  • calculates precise camera parameters of virtual camera model

  • sends final camera parameter to any graphics software


Calculates complete camera model data
TorqTrack describes the real camera trough a virtual model, which matches all relevant parameters of the real camera and lens. First TorqTrack receives the sensor data from any single axis of your support system together with the zoom and focus data of your lens. On the basis of TrackMen’s unique calibration data for any lens, the studio and the support system, it calculates all parameters of the exact model of the virtual camera in real-time.

Highest matching precision between real and virtual worlds
TorqTrack offers most accurate sensing of camera movements. The key to this high precision is the unique calibration of all components. In opposite to other vendors, we employ an optical zoom lens calibration. Here we are using smart algorithms, image processing and a physical reference target to measures the true optical parameters of the lens. In addition, we take extra care to calibrate the true physical conditions of the studio and the support system with all it’s additional offsets and twists.

Works for any camera support system
Due to its flexible structure and open interfaces, TorqTrack works with any sensorized camera support system. It does not matter if your production employs a sensorized crane, dolly, tripod or any other camera support system, TorqTrack supports it.

Transmits calculated camera model data to any Virtual Graphics system
TorqTrack sends the final camera tracking data via a public interface to your graphics software. All leading vendors are already supporting this interface.
The transmission via an Ethernet network allows multiple graphics clients. No further CPU power of your graphics machine is required.