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VioTrack F coded floor
optical camera tracking system based on pre-calibrated coded floor

Costs are kept to a minimum by using existing equipment, enabling flexible usage of any support system, a fast and easy setup, indoor as well as outdoor usage: this is the most affordable solution as a first step into Virtual Set graphics applications.

permanent absolute 3D pose calculation in real-time

The markers on the coded floor consist of individual patterns which exist only once within the entire coded floor area. This guarantees that VioTrack F measures the absolute camera position and orientation for every frame/field of the video signal. There is no need for a homing procedure, or a manual system reset.

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no calibration of markers needed

The specific point pattern itself is designed by TrackMen to suit your needs perfectly. The exact position of each marker on the coded floor remains unchanged, regardless of where you are placing the coded floor. Since the marker positions are well known to the tracking algorithm, there is no need for a calibration of marker points. The coded floor is pre-calibrated and always ready to use. Whenever the point pattern becomes visible, VioTrack F begins to take effect immediately - no waiting time and no initialization procedure is required.

easy installation, ultra-short setup time - quick readiness for operation

After you have installed the sensor hardware and completed the cabling, you just need to roll out the coded floor to make VioTrack F ready to run. There is no need for any measurements to be taken by hand, no need for any homing procedures and no manual system reset is required. There is only one measurement which is triggered by the user during the initial setup. This automatically calculates the mounting position of the sensor within seconds by using image processing. Installing a camera tracking system has never been this easy!

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Indoor and outdoor productions, permanent or portable setups

Whether you are working inside your studio environment or outdoors, you just need to roll out the VioTrack F coded floor and you can start working immediately. You can fixate the coded floor to the ground in a permanent production environment. You can also move it to any location for a portable solution. Due to the flexible setup and working principle, VioTrack F enables you to quickly change the shooting location. The different options of the coded floor designs afford an unlimited freedom of use for any production.

different coded floor designs

The number of patterns, their design and size are calculated individually depending on our customers’requirements. We deliver the coded floor in different materials, colors and sizes. It is our customers’choice whether to use a floor with a color which is suitable for chroma-keying and heavy-duty pedestals or a black-and-white design for portable outdoor productions.Hence, we can always provide a working solution for all studio sizes and support systems, whether you are in a small office space or large studio.

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invisible coded floor

The coded floor only needs to cover the area in which the cameras are moving, not the area which is covered by the talent. As a result the coded floor is usually not visible to the broadcast cameras. It can also be covered by a virtual garbage mask or made invisible by chroma-keying when using a blue/green box.

In the case of show environments with vastly changing lights or low light situations you can choose the VioTrack F infrared setup, where an additional LED light ring illuminates the regular coded floor with infrared light. Even better, you can also make use of a special floor material which makes the point patternsinvisible to the human eye andto the broadcast cameras!

low latency with additional motion sensor

If required, the delay between the broadcast camera signal and the corresponding camera tracking data can be reduced by adding an additional motion sensor to the optical sensor. This decreases the delay from typically 3 video frames down to only 1 frame or even just a fraction of a frame.

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choose optimal VioTrack F version depending on your needs

We offer VioTrack F in two versions depending on your budget and application:

  • F1 We designed VioTrack F1 for cameras with a very limited moving range. Here, the coded floor has a fixed size of 2x2 meters. You can obtain this version for a price which is comparable to that of a pan-tilt head which is equipped with encoders. However, with VioTrackF1 you have a higher freedom of movement. Even possible for the use of hand-held cameras.
  • F2 We designed VioTrack F2 for an unlimited camera tracking range. Here, the coded floor may have any size and shape depending on the size of your studio and the required tracking area.

Data Flow

The hardware set-up of VioTrack F is very easy. Basically, only the sensor unit and the lens are connected to the mini workstation. The mini workstation uses a Linux operating system specially designed for the real-time needs of our image processing software. The complete camera tracking data is sent to the graphics renderers through a regular Ethernet network.