• Augmented Reality
  • Virtual Studios
  • Indoor and Outdoor productions
  • flexible, temporarily setups


Especially through VioTrack R's working principle it reliably works for many different applications and setups.  Here we just name a few examples:

Augmented Reality
Especially for Augmented Reality applications VioTrack R calculates the camera parameters automatically in the natural scene. Therefore it works within traditional studios or in a natural environment.

Virtual Studios
Especially in a Green/Blue Box environment where all walls are just green, traditional optical systems have not enough reliable video features to work. Here thanks to our flexible algorithms and hardware we have various options to still achieve a reliable camera tracking. Please test us!

Indoor and outdoor productions
Whether you work inside your studio environment or outside, VioTrack R will automatically analyze the scene and generate tracking data. Especially for outdoor scenes with no time or space for special preparations VioTrack R gives you a quick start.

flexible, temporarily setups
Besides permanent installations in a well prepared studio environment VioTrack R offers more. Due to the markerless tracking technology it enables you to quickly change the shooting location. You can easily shoot your next virtual weather forecast at your towns most popular place, the virtual video wall at the sports arena or your 3D graphics for the next elections inside the town hall.