• Virtual Studios

  • Virtual Depth Screen

  • Virtual Backlots

  • Augmented Reality


Especially through VioTrack's three different versions it can easily be adapted to various formats and applications. Your imagination is the limit. Therefore here we just name a few:

Virtual Backplane
Just a short teaser or the weather forecast? Or a large background for the next game show? A virtual Backplane replaces a real 2D background, screen or video wall? A perfect job for VioTrack.

Virtual Depth Screen
Crossing the limits of a regular video screen, backdrop or projection by showing 2D or 3D objects which are leaving the picture frame in all three dimensions. While using VioTrack and a 3D graphics renderer you achieve ultimate picture quality, a stunning 3D effect and no limitations for the size of your screen.  Works even for multiple screens in various positions.

Virtual Studios
A rendered 3D scenery replaces the blue or green box. With VioTrack you can show your audience the studio from any angle.

Augmented Reality
You do have a real scenery and just want to show virtual objects at specific spots? A clever arrangement of VioTrack can help you even there.