• Virtual Studios

  • Augmented Reality for Sports

  • Previsualization


VMatte can be used anywhere where rendered Virtual Objects needs to be inserted in real environments in real-time. Typical applications are:

Virtual Studios
The standard application for real-time chroma keying or matting where the camera shoots a presenter within a blue or green box. The rendered graphics are composed as a background object like a set or even as a foreground object in front of the real objects. Here VMatte works with three inputs, the camera signal, the rendered background signal and optional the foreground object as an external mask. The output signal is the composed image of all three layers.

Augmented Reality / Immersive Graphics for Sports
Similar setup like with Virtual Studios but without a green or blue box. Instead, the natural color of the real environment is used.
Especially for sports applications there is a need to insert Virtual Graphics like lines, banners or logos seamlessly onto the sports venue, e.g. the green grass of a playing field or the blue water of a pool or sea.

VMatte combines the real-time preview of the CG and film like camera signals in order to previsualize your final matching results.