VMatte Key Features
  • perfect immersion of Virtual Graphics with real camera shots for Virtual Studios or Augmented Realities
  • easy operation without high level skills
  • Multi-Definition for SD and HD formats, including 3G and 4:4:4 formats
  • unique algorithm for pristine foreground colors
  • processes multiple key colors at the same time

Key features

The VMatte real-time chroma-keyer and matting software combines two demands of our clients which are usually mutually exclusive: you create a soft matting signal for your professional broadcast camera shots to achieve soft shadows and fine hair details. But at the same time you enjoy the easy operation without getting lost in sub-menus.
The VMatte software runs on a professional video card with four or eight independent channels which can be configured to your needs. Standard SD and HD formats can be processed in real-time, including 3G 4:4:4 signals for highest color resolution.

Soft shadows and fine foreground details for a perfect immersion of real and virtual worlds
In opposite to a standard chroma keyer device, the VMatte generates  a soft matting signal in order to keep even soft shadows and transparancies of the foreground objects alive when combined with Virtual Graphics as background objects. This  creates the perfect illusion of combined real and virtual worlds.

Easy operation
Thanks to unique algorithms and automatic picture analysis, you just click on the area within your picture which should be used for the generation of the matting signal and you immediately get a reasonable result. Typical corrections like e.g. restoring the foreground color after keying do not apply, because the foreground color stays unchanged.

Multiple key colors
VMatte is software based, therefore it has the option to process multiple areas within the video picture and multiple colors at the same time. Instead of just one you can use two, three or four different matting channels at the same time!  Think about additional pieces within your set likes cubes or marks with a different green or blue tone than your chroma key background. Traditionally you clean up the matte to be able to cover all different shades of green, which leads to a loss of shadows and fine details. With VMatte you use one matting channel per object and you can keep the soft matte!

Switchable in- and outputs
VMatte runs on one or two video cards with four independent channels each. Therefore each channel can be used as a foreground, background (fill) or alpha channel. The standard configuration uses three input channels for the camera signal, the Virtual Graphics and the external graphics key and one output channel for the combined signal.

VMatte hardware can handle SD and HD signals, whether they are 4:2:2 or 4:4:4. Therefore you can even mix a 4:4:4 camera signal with 4:2:2 graphics signal. Please see the specifications (LINK) for details. The internal processing is always 4:4:4:4.

Remote Access from different PCs
VMatte is being operated trough a standard PC setup with a monitor, keyboard and mouse. Therefore no additional, dedicated user panel and work place is required. VMatte's GUI can can easily be remotely accessed from different PCs, e.g. the one of the graphics operator.

Integrated video delay
As typically the time to render the Virtual Graphics takes some video frames, there is a time difference between the camera signal and the Virtual Graphics. Therefore with VMatte you are able to add a delay to the camera signal for an adjustable number of frames  in order to match the timing of all video inputs. Even the foreground signal can be delayed if needed.